12" Power Shovel® Snow Blower

The only way to shovel is to Power Shovel® with Toro®. Go big with 2-speed battery power in a light, easy and fast package. Easily shovel 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep through snow in the tightest of spaces. Clears decks, patios, walkways and driveways that can hold up to 4 cars with a get-up-and-throw 25 feet attitude. Flex-Force power source features a 2.5 ah battery with a run time of up to 45 minutes on a single charge—and a 60-minute recharge time. Cordless, push-button start, easy-store, low maintenance—it’s a winter win, win and win some more.

Features: Hassle-free shoveling · Ultimate power and control · Extended life · Shreds snow fast · Super easy, no-fuss storage

Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.
Throw distance will vary with conditions.


Engine Brushless DC, 60V Battery L135 - 60 minute Charge Time
Clearing Width 12-in., 6-in. intake height
Throw Distance Up to 25-ft.
Auger System Power Curve

Weights & Dimensions

Net Weight 0.00 lbs.
Shipping Weight 0.00 lbs.
Length 0.00 in.
Width 0.00 in.
Height 0.00 in.

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