Biological Pit Enhancement System BPS-120M

The Biological Pit Enhancement System enables you to inject microbes and nutrients into water where oil collects. This will improve the quality of the water stored in pits.

·2 aeration pumps – linear pumps used to infuse air into water collection pits
·2 peristaltic pumps – used to inject bacteria and nutrients
·2 aeration stick assemblies – prevents water from stagnating in pit systems
·115V single phase setting
·Internal timers allow end user to control the amount and frequency of the liquid microbes and nutrient doses. The BPS Series can be set to inject bacteria every minute, every hour or every day, whatever the situation dictates.


Power Requirements 120V, 1Ø, 8.0A, 60 Hz.

Weights & Dimensions

Net Weight 0.00 lbs.
Shipping Weight 150.00 lbs.
Length 30.00 in.
Width 22.00 in.
Height 39.00 in.

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