Hot Water Extension Hoses

When you need extra mobility and length.

Steam Hose
15-0077 (Steam combination, 3000-PSI, R1) pictured
·50-foot x 3/8-inch ID
·250°F temperature rating

Hoses with Quick Connects
850-0433 (4500-PSI, R2)
851-0262 (3000-PSI, R1)
·50-foot x 3/8-inch ID
·250°F temperature rating
·Includes quick connects, swivel and bend restrictors

Bare Hoses
15-0146 (3000-PSI, 50-foot x 3/8-inch, R1)
15-0160 (4500-PSI, 75-foot x 3/8-inch, R2)
15-0161 (4500-PSI, 100-foot x 3/8-inch, R2)
15-0162 (4500-PSI, 150-foot x 3/8-inch, R2)
15-0163 (4500-PSI, 200-foot x 3/8-inch, R2)
·3/8-inch male swivel
·250°F temperature rating
·For use with hose reels

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