Mister Combination Accessories

15-0392 75-foot x 1/4-inch non-marking hose
·For when you need extra hose for added mobility

851-0431 Dual gun adapter

851-0432 Trigger gun with misting nozzle

851-0435 Bucket kit (fits CM-1400-0MEC-M model)
·Includes 5-gallon plastic bucket, 5-foot supply hose, mounting bracket and hardware

851-0436 Caster wheel kit (fits CM-1400-0MEC-M model)
·Includes two caster wheels, two 12-inch tires and hardware

AW-3100-0001 Dual gun accessory kit pictured
·Includes dual gun adapter, trigger gun with misting nozzle and 75-foot non-marking hose

AW-3100-0002 5-foot supply hose
·Supplies mister with disinfectant

AW-3100-0003 Quick connect misting nozzle
·Attaches to 36-inch lance for misting hard to reach areas

AW-3100-0004 Hose reel kit (fits CM-1400-0MEC-M model)
·Includes hose reel, jumper hose, mounting bracket and hardware

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