Suction Hoses and Hose Fittings - 13 & 18-Gallon Vacuums

15-0207 pictured
·10-foot x 1 1/2-inch crushproof hose with fittings

·25-foot x 1-1/2-inch crushproof hose with fittings

15-0223 – Bulk Hose
·1-1/2-inch crushproof hose without fittings
·Sold by the foot with 50-foot maximum length

50-0167 – Tapered Cuff End
·Connects hose to wand or to hose connector

50-0168 – Hose Connector
·Connects tapered cuff end to hose extension

50-0169 – Inlet Cuff Fitting
·Connects hose to vacuum

852-0156 – Hose Adapter Kit
·For when you need to add extra hose to your existing suction hose
·Includes one hose connector, 50-0168 and two inlet cuff fittings, 50-0169

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