Biological Treatment Systems

BIO Series

With enhanced design technology, the Mi-T-M Bio Series Water Treatment Systems utilize fixed-film bacteria in conjunction with coalescing media at manageable costs. These biological recycle and discharge water treatment systems include a variety of cone-shaped tank sizes, submersible sump pump, bio-film generative media and a Mazzei Venturi air injection system. 


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0-15 GPM Flow Rate
600-Gallon Clarifier Tank
Model: BIO-15Series
0-20 GPM Flow Rate
890-Gallon Tank Capacity
Model: BIO-20Series
0-25 GPM Flow Rate
1434-Gallon Tank Capacity
Model: BIO-25Series
0-35 GPM Flow Rate
2244-Gallon Tank Capacity
Model: BIO-35Series
Model: WTA Series