Water Treatment System FAQs

I have an odor problem in my wash bay, how do I solve it?

Odor can be handled a few different ways.

  • Ozone is an efficient way of handling odor. It is a quick kill of live bacteria. We introduce ozone on our Biological Series through a pump via a Mazzei injector into the product tank. (Note: ozone is harmful to microbes so it needs to be introduced where they are not present, such as a product tank).
  • Germicide is another option for odor problems. Safe 03 is a germicide used by Mi-T-M in our mechanical systems (WLP & WCP Series). It is injected through a peristaltic pump and the amount is based on readings obtained by an orp probe and meter.
  • BPS-120M (Biological Pit System) is another method for treating odor problems. Generally used in an existing pit, two linear air pumps provide aeration to the pit where microbes can be injected. A germicide can also be injected into the pit by two peristaltic pumps.

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