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What are the different pressure washer accessories available?


Clean large, flat surfaces faster and easier than with a standard cleaning nozzle. The rotary surface cleaners come in three different diameters, 18″, 20″ and 28″. Each is equipped with a heavy duty nylon brush to eliminate overspray and maintain the distance between the nozzles and the cleaning surface. This combination ensures a balanced and even cleaning pattern.

Rotating nozzles increase your cleaning power and decrease your cleaning time. Rotating nozzles offer spray impact with 25-degree coverage. Nozzles include a filter, to protect the nozzle from becoming clogged with debris, a quick connect and heavy-duty components for long life and reliability. Rotating nozzles can be used on sidewalks, driveways, track vehicles, muddy areas, old peeling paints and concrete surfaces.

Detergents are environmentally friendly, can be used indoors, and are biodegradable. We offer 3 types of detergents: Deck & House Wash, All Purpose Cleaner, Heavy-Duty Degreaser. All are available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon drums.

Hose reels are convenient for the storage of hoses and can be mounted directly on pressure washer frames or attached to a wall bracket. Several sizes are available.

Clean hard to reach places such as home exterior and gutter, farm equipment and multi-story buildings by using telescopic extended reach wands. We have several lengths to choose from.

Wet sand blasting is an efficient and dust free method in removing coatings from steel and concrete surfaces such as rust, paint, and graffiti.

Can I use universal parts and accessories with any pressure washer model?


While some parts and accessories may be compatible with a range of pressure washer models, it’s crucial to check the specifications and compatibility guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Pressure washers vary in terms of PSI, GPM, and other features, and using incompatible accessories may lead to inefficiency or even damage.


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