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Mi-T-M Equipment Sales & Service provides pressure washers from quality manufacturer, Mi-T-M. We are dedicated to offering top-notch equipment and accessories to ensure the success of your project.



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What's Included:

  • Bulletarrow4000 PSI Cold Water Pressure Washer
  • Bulletarrow48-inch Gun/Wand
  • BulletarrowQuick Connect Nozzles
  • Bulletarrow50-foot Hose
  • BulletarrowMi-T-M Detergent Foamer
  • Bulletarrow1 Gallon of Mighty Fleet or Reflection Wash

$ 1,700 + tax

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What types of industrial pressure washers are available?


There are various types of industrial pressure washers, including hot water, cold water, electric, and gas-powered models. The choice depends on the specific cleaning needs and requirements of the task.

Is PSI or GPM more important?


The selection of a pressure washer involves considering both PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and GPM (Gallons per Minute), as they are equally crucial factors. PSI denotes the pressure level, while GPM signifies the flow rate. Achieving the optimal pressure washing system necessitates the right balance of PSI and GPM tailored to your specific needs.

Should I choose a belt driven pressure washer or direct drive?


Commercial and industrial-style pressure washers commonly feature belt-driven pumps. This type of pump is particularly well-suited for cleaning applications demanding over 20 hours per week. In a belt-driven unit, the high-pressure pump operates at a lower RPM, effectively reducing heat and vibration. Consequently, this minimizes wear and tear on the internal components, extending the pump’s lifespan.

For applications involving less than 20 hours per week, a direct-drive system may be more appropriate. Direct-drive units spin at approximately twice the RPM of belt-driven counterparts. These units are often more compact, making them easier to transport. Additionally, they typically offer a more cost-effective solution for users with lighter usage needs.

What are the differences between cold water and hot water?


The nature of your cleaning task significantly influences the choice between a hot or cold water pressure washer. Cold water pressure washers excel at removing dirt from various surfaces. To enhance cleaning efficacy and reduce time, accessories such as high-pressure nozzles or rotating brushes can be used in conjunction with cold water pressure washers.

However, when dealing with surfaces contaminated with grease or oil, opting for hot water becomes essential. Just as you wouldn’t wash greasy hands with cold water, the same principle applies to pressure washing. If you regularly operate cold water equipment for several hours each week, contemplating the potential labor savings is advisable, and switching to a hot water pressure washer might be a beneficial consideration.


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