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Mi-T-M Equipment Service - Peosta, Iowa
SCAG Mowers Iowa

Mower Tune-Up Service Package

Starting at $199.99

This service package is great for preseason and postseason. Make sure your equipment is ready when you need it.

Package Includes:
  • Oil change and filter replacement-if needed
  • Blade sharpening
  • Tracking check/adjustment
  • New spark plugs
  • Air and fuel filter cleaning and replacement-if needed
  • Belt inspection
  • Carburetor and clutch check/adjustment
  • Tire pressure check/adjustment
  • Testing of alternator, charging system, starter and battery
  • Set/adjust proper engine RPM
  • Zerk/fitting greasing
  • Total equipment cleaning
*Hydro service not included. Pricing excludes cost of replacement filters.
Pressure Washer Service and Repair

Pick Up and Delivery Service

This convenient service saves you time and money.

Service Details:
  • NO CHARGE for delivery on all NEW equipment to Peosta and surrounding areas (up to a 25 mile radius)
  • $35 for pick up and delivery for service/repair work (round trip)
*Cost of pick up and delivery for service/repair excludes the actual cost of the service and repair performed on the equipment.
Winterize Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer Winterizing Service Package

Cold Water Pressure Washers Starting at $29.99

Hot Water Pressure Washers Starting at $39.99

Winterize your pressure washer and keep it in good working order for next spring.

Package Includes:
  • Engine and pump oil changes (gas models)
  • Air and fuel filter cleaning and replacement-if needed
  • Spark plug check (gas models)
  • Fuel additive and stabilizer added to fuel to prevent varnishing in fuel system and preserve fuel
  • Winterize pump and heating coil to prevent damage from freezing (hot water pressure washers)
  • Total equipment cleaning
*Pricing excludes cost of replacement filters and spark plugs.
Commercial Lawn Mowers Iowa

Mower Blade Sharpening

Make sure your mower blades are sharp for even and clean cutting.

Service Details:
  • $7 per blade off-unit
  • $10 per blade on-unit
*Cost of blade sharpening does not include cost of replacement/new blades.